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We have been providing our exciting range of services include dog walking, cat sitting, small pet visits, and puppy visits, since August 2012 in High Peak.

With all our services we offer, no hidden extra charges, competitively priced, care and experience guaranteed, we are fully insured, CRB checked, proven track record, see our testimonies page.

If you have any questions call or email me anytime for a friendly chat! We have a contacts form on this website our email address is , or call 07732265149.

For more detailed information on the services we offer, please see below:

Dog Walks

Leaving your dog at home on their own is never ideal, but here at Little Happy Hounds, we aim to make it that little bit easier by providing a professional, caring, highly experienced dog walking service that you and your dog can rely on.

We aim to exercise your dog and give them the chance to socialise with other dogs, meaning your dog is returned home content and physically tired, so that they will be relaxed & settled, resting until you return home from a busy day at work.

On a typical walk, we will collect your dog from your home and at a time convenient to you. Whatever the weather, we will safely transport your dog by car (or on foot depending on your location) to some of our favorite places, Lantern Pike, Mousely Bottom,Sett Valley Trail, Eccles Pike and more. I tend to avoid low level walks, parks etc, they can get busy for one thing, i prefer to get my hiking boots on and take the dogs on a proper walk, off lead ‘when it is safe to do so’, places with varied terrain, lots of different smells for them, making the most of the beautiful High Peak, Derbyshire area. 

All our dogs are returned home, safe, happy and content and very tired! We’ll also clean up muddy paws with a towel if need be.

Our policy at Little Happy Hounds is to stay ‘small’ and ‘local’. Dogs are only ever walked in groups of a maximum of six , i do however much prefer smaller walking groups of up to four so six only happens when we are very busy, by walking in smaller groups we guarantee a more personalised, safe caring service.

We also offer a free consultation at your home, before we take on any new clients where your dog gets to meet us and we can get an idea of your dog’s personality and what their specific needs are. All new dog clients have a initial four week trial with Little Happy Hounds, too make sure everyone gets on.

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Cat Sitting

If your away on business for work, or on a family holiday, here at Little Happy Hounds we offer a kinder alternative to the cattery for your cat, Little Happy Cats. 

‘Leaving your cat in the place they feel most relaxed, their sanctuary, their home.’

We can feed your cat while you’re away, clean out their litter tray, provide fresh water, provide a stroke, a cuddle, or perhaps a brush down or anything you specifically require for your cat.

At Little Happy Hounds we pride ourselves on being able to provide a experienced, reliable, personalised and friendly service.

We can bring your milk in, collect your post off the floor, if you need a plant or two watered, we do not mind, with no extra charge at all.

Free initial consultation, where we can find out what you specifically need for your cat,  and then you can relax knowing your cat will be lovingly taken care of  in their own home. We have many returning cat clients, we have some cat clients who have been on our books now since 2013 when the business really took off, we love caring for cats and we are always happy to here from new cat clients. 

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Small Pet Visits

As well as caring for cats, we also look after, rabbits, guinea pigs, ducks, chickens and many other smaller pets, we have a number of clients with a combination of cats and smaller pets. Being a personalised service, we can tailor whatever your looking for, for the care of your pet, should you be away on holiday, for example. As ever we offer, experience from a established pet care business, we provide care and love of your pet, when your not around, we are competitively priced, fully insured, a trusted key holder. We have years of experience. 

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Puppy Visits

Puppies when they are young need company. They also need feeding up to four times a day, they need any accidents cleared up and they need some training. Having raised puppies ourselves, we are very experienced in this area. We can come and visit your puppy when your out at work all day, let them out into your garden, feed them, play with them and give them lots of attention and care, and break up a long day for them.

This is a great opportunity for us to build a bond of trust with your young puppy, incase they become one of our dog walking clients, after they have been fully vaccinated. Over the years, many of our current dog walking clients, started out as our puppy visit clients.

While we are doing our puppy visit, we offer basic reward praise based training, playtime and company, I can help with recall and bite inhibition, we also help with socialising and we make sure your puppy is happy and content when we leave. I am also available, for any questions you might have, should you be a first time dog owner, no question is ever to silly, over  the years i have picked up one or two things that i am always happy to share, as ever with any puppy visit client of Little Happy Hounds, we do not charge any extra for advice, recommendations,or any  help that you may require. 

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