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#LHH2022 10 years in business this August !

So my last post in this blog was June 2020. A lot has happened at Little Happy Hounds for me professionally and personally, 

My beautiful scrappy doggy, LHH mascot, got a tumour on his leg and we had it removed he has gone through chemo, sadly its on the worse scale of cancer so very aggressive and it will come back. We have finished chemo now its not returned yet three months down the line, so I am praying we have another year, its changed everything though including my work as I want to be with him more not out working.

Second thing to happen which coincided with scrappy and his cancer diagnosis was we got a puppy, we already met him and put deposite down when we got scrappys tumour results, we whereunto sure what to do for the best new puppy and dog with cancer but I’m glad we went through with puppy, he stayed with his birth family till he was 12 weeks old, we got him which meant he was not very nippy like puppies are, took a while to house break him but he’s got there he’s just over 6 months old jet black minus his little white goatee ! Having worked with doodles for so many years to own my own doodle is beyond my wildest dreams, he is poochon,  a poochon mam and toy poodle dad, so he has more poodle and 1/4 Bichon frise, both some of my favourite breeds, poodles and bichons.

So post pandemic my job has been really difficult to do, roads are very busy and walks to, I think because people are working from home they are out at lunch time now, so I am out with a group of five or six dogs and someone is stood on the foot path with a ball catcher with their dog who I scared of other dogs,  I am not saying this is wrong, I am saying things have changed my job is to difficult to do with a volume of people now everywhere, another new thing even in depths of winter post covid is huge groups of people sat on the ground on public footpath picnicking, so I have to get all my dogs on leads struggle past these people who 9 times out of 10 literally will not move for me to pass, I cant even talk about it now I still feel that annoyed and stressed out , so I have Brought in new changes, I am no longer covering Whaley Bridge area, apart from current dogs, I have let three Whaley Bridge clients go, and from February I am no longer working a five day week, I am going down to four days Monday to Thursday.

After covid everything has changed, I am not the same person I was in 2019, and I my job thats going to 10 years old this coming August needs to change in order to keep moving forward. My partner has a very busy career he is line for promotion he doesn’t need me stressed with my job, financially I can go part time so why not! Hopefully these changes will be enough or I will have to part with more clients.  Its all about a work/life balance for me and I need a day where I am not getting into conversations with every person I see. I work with dogs for a reason ! 

So I only cover now Chinley, Chapel-en-le-Frith, Buxworth, my pet care services include cat sitting or cat feeding, puppy visits, and dog walking. Little Happy Hounds has been in business in this area for 10 years in August 2022!! 

my boys puppy marcel old dude scrappy

my boys puppy marcel old dude scrappy

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