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Hi all so I’ve had a massive blogging break, works been busy, I started a new second business up selling body shop, not really to make any money just as a hobby and to get body shop discounts for myself, as I’ve cut back on cat sitting work I do and I am not taking any new dog walking clients on till everyone goes back to work as in lockdown is over properly but also got two new puppies I need to save a slot for !!! 

At Little Happy Hounds, we are competitively priced, at £10 an hours walk, £8.00 a cat visit, in this area thats about right, if your getting it cheaper the old saying is you will be paying twice, anyone charging less than  £10 is offering a low quality service and probably not even doing proper long one hour walks, you get what you pay for ! I truly believe that !!! quality over quantity every time! 

My walks are varied always an hour and often much longer I don’t include travel time, I walk in small groups, in August I have been doing this for 9 years !!! will be righting some more blogs next few days, as a lot has happened! 

I also offer discretion driving a unbranded company van, so a new dog walker as come on the scene as we have mutal friends I’ve taken her under my wing passed her enquiries etc  and she knows I am here for advice, and she has asked me recently what I thought about branded vans!! I explained to her their are two types of dog walkers those doing it as they love dogs and walking and those who do it as they love money and profit, the unbranded vans are the former of the two ! beyond all of that I also think a unbranded van offers discretion this is the age of dog stealing the need for discretion is very much a priority ! 

Little happy hounds, dog services, cat visits, puppy visits, dog walking and cat sitting, based in the village of Chinley, I cover Buxworth, Chapel-en-le-Frith and Chinley only !

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