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Had such an amazing last few days lots of clarity with work. So I made a decision a long time ago, not to work dogs with aggression, or dogs with behavioural issues, dogs who can not be off leads, this was because I am not pet behaviourist,  I’ve looked after and help socialise dogs with issues in the past and I have  been there got the t shirt and on top of that I fundementally believe its wrong mixing dogs up with extremely different personalities , so why have a group that is half happy dogs off leads all socialised, and then have one on a lead who snaps lashes out with her teeth when other dogs go nearer her into her face  ? are you a dog walker or a behaviourist?


And for me, its not about breed, I walk a GSD dog have done for six years I have walked Rottweilers staffie, great Danes, husky dogs,  all sorts over the years, no  for me its not the breed at al but rather the character of the dog the behaviour of the dog,  i.e, will this dog get on with my other dogs as one a happy medium, or if we meet local people with friendly dogs will my clients get on with them or lash out. Which brings me to my next point, which is LHH client appreciation day, 

I have twenty plus dogs on my books not one of them require to be kept on a lead, all have excellent recall, not one of them has behaviour or aggression issues, I am so proud and appreciative of all of them!!! I am one very lucky boy !!!  Rightly wrongly I have decided not to walk unfriendly dogs , I am the boss and I have done things my way, and made Little happy hounds and safe happy space for my dogs where we are all on same page, when it comes to character and there for behaviour !!! and its working I have new enquiries, new dogs, my current clients stick with me, I am very happy with work with what I have I literally feel blessed! 

My other point on this post is walking  times, so I am with my dogs about two hours each walk , as at the moment the roads can be busier, with the lockdown everyone is driving about. So my one hour walk only begins when we get to the location, so by that point the dog might of been in my van for 15 minutes while we collected others of course that then means another 15 minutes longer drop off time.

So for me personally, I  dog walk  about 10 to 11 dogs daily on two full one hour walks with all the travel and collection, I have longstanding clients in Chinley, Chapel Whaley and Buxworth, so with all that taking into consideration time wise I do about a 9 am to 2:30 pm every day thats just for 11 dogs and two full one hour walks, somedays the walks are longer , what I never ever do is include travel time in the one hour walk, I love my job my dogs love my walks why would I cut it short for journey time, makes no sense to me at all !! 

Again my scenario is different and I am doing this as a job as I enjoy it as appose to needing the money, its all win win for me,  friendly dogs, lovely clients, I get lots of exercise, and spend my time in the peak district and I get  money all rolled into one, why not spoil the dogs and do longer walks and I do often !!! 

so Tuesday we welcomed new dog Poppy to the fold, Poppy like my last few new dogs, have found me via word of mouth, she is lovely just turned a year old and she is a toy poodle, she was fine on Tuesday. It was blizzard weather but she got on with all the dogs I have started working on her recall, just so that she has good recall with me really as she is so young. 

My other little miracle is lovely Hungarian vizsla Sienna, new client since the Summer, she was very bouncy indeed, and its took some effort settling her down on walks, she is so lovely though I have another new vizsla called lizzie who is a bit older and Sienna and Lizzie are amazing together, both aesthetically pleasing on the eye ‘such a beautiful breed’ but how they are together they just look like best friends,  absolutely love them both a pleasure to care for. My other newbie is Indie, he is  like a lurcher cross poodle,  like Sienna a live wire, he’s beautiful its hard to describe how he looks so photo below , he is boisterous but I can see that with time and when he gets neutered  he’s going to be calm and a lovely doggy as he gets older he’s only 9 months old so consistency is the key at the minute when he gets a bit carried away in play he has some down time on a dog lead which I repeat as often as is needed !!

Lizzie and sienna

Lizzie and sienna

So yes everything is ticking a long nicely, sadly my dog is slowing down which isn’t very nice,  I have a beautiful friend another dog walker and sadly her rottie died last Thursday very unexpectedly so she’s understandably very upset , the dog in question  was the sweetest dog ever, she was permanently smiling, she use to get comments and praise everywhere she went as she was such a beautiful soul,  in the past I happily took her out with my lot several times, my dog adored her so it is very sad horrible news, especially with everything going on with covid!!! anyway RIP Holly, I am always going to keep a special place in my heart for you, and treasure the memories we had!!! 

anyway little happy. hounds, chinley, follow my adventures in full on Facebook instgram and youtube,

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new doggy indie

new doggy indie



Holly always in my heart

Holly always in my heart



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