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the end of the summer of 2020

So we are now in September and its been the weirdest summer I can e ver remember for work but on a personal level, obviously with the whole lockdown and covid-19 pandemic, its been a worrying and sad time really. That coupled with a very wet July and August was not much better, I am usually sad summer has gone but Im quite glad, after six month the children of the UK are finally back at school and fingers crossed the roads quiet down a bit and we can get back to a little bit of normality ! 

So I juts have one week left before we take a very much needed holiday I have one been away once this year two days in Newcastle to see my dad literally a week before the lockdown that was March, so our March /April holiday to Whitby to celebrate me  turning 40, was delayed and rescheduled for September, my dog has recovered from his leg injury so I am looking forward to doing a lot of walking up and down the East Yorkshire Coast I have never been. Change of scene and sea air is just what I need right now. 

Link below has some recent reviews from clients on it !!!

walk from this week latest woof lizzie far right

walk from this week latest woof lizzie far right

Little Happy Hounds, was just starting to settle and business was picking up just before lockdown, we have had several clients reduce their days significantly, but much worse two clients three dogs decided to leave and I would never of guessed in a million years they would go all because of the crisis, but they have and this was a few weeks back now since then we have had two new clients join us which takes the number of new clients to join us post lockdown to five, the latest two are both Hungarian vizslas, both young, both female, Sienna being just over a year old and Lizzie turning 2 years old soon. Then we just heard my other new dog Toby bichon is leaving us as his owner I moving to Hyde. Its like revolving door at moment with dog walking clients, I am still waiting for one to come back, to here from another hwat day she wants, another dog increased his days, toby is leaving, two new dogs are settling in and I have to put another new dog new enquiry on hold as three new dogs in two weeks was to much for my small business, all in all business is doing okay, 

I want to keep my walking group numbers low, I realised after lockdown how much better and liberating it is to take smaller groups out I don’t want to be taking six dogs out we see one dog walker who comes into our area so she can get away with 8 dogs, in all honesty I don’t need the money and more importantly I am not driven by money never have been, getting a balance of equilibrium with the dogs and walking numbers much more important to me.

Cat sitting is doing okay, I am cutting down with what I am doing outside of Chinley which where I am based, I don’t mind doing once a day in other areas but twice a day in Whaley Bridge, is to much to time consuming, so I am being very picky what I do as I enjoy cat feeding but its just a sideline to the dog walking, it never going to pay my bills, its also weekend work, and evening work. I have recently looked after new cat Horace, in Chinley, new cats Lupo and Fridgey twice now in 2020 February and just the other week, new clients in Chinley, and I have just done a four day cat gig for my Whaley Bridge regulars Scamp and Poppy, i am not to worried about the cat sitting being so quiet its just a bonus and I am now limited with what I can do.

new woof Sienna far right

new woof Sienna far right

Little Happy Hounds, based in Chinley in the Peak District, I also cover Buxworth, Chapel-en-le-Frith, Whaley Bridge, High Peak, dog walker, cat sitting and puppy visits, with all our pet care services, we are fully insured a small local business with no employees offering a more caring personalised service. With our dog walking services, I walk in small well organised groups, offering lots of time off lead, ,my walks include, the Goyt Valley, Taxal, follow our LHH adventures on social media, we are on Instagram, Facebook and youtube. 

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