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closed for Christmas

So yesterday I hung my dog leads for the last time in 2020, no more dog walks till 2021, because of pandemic and all the changes stress and anxiety I have no enjoyed this year at all like many of us. 


Clients have been so lovely this year, I got lots of cards lots of gifts and a lovely new review on our Facebook page. So last few weeks have been a blur I have been fairly busy so its passed quickly. I have had to turn down quite a few new dog walking enquiries last few weeks, several collie enquires all the dogs were nervous or had to be walked 1-2-1 , as I am small business, I am only able to do group walks especially at lunch time and I prefer socialised dogs, who like other dogs, now everywhere. I use to go is populated its even more important to provide walks for dogs I know I can control and who are going to listen to me one of many changes corona has brought about having to deal with picnickers in December so sat in corners when I have a group of dogs off leads, in high wind and rain thats been a shock every time I see that, in the weather I work in trust me if I was not working I would not be sat on the group in a storm eating a sandwich, just saying. 

some of the gang

some of the gang


anyway trying to switch off now after the last few stressful of weeks of being a busy dog walker while everyone is off work, lucky for me my dogs have been angels and a pleasure to walk. I am looking forward to a two week break from work, last two Christmas’s we have been away so not spent Christmas in our new house so thats a nice change we went all out on the decs we even have two trees in living room and back lounge dining room, 

So little happy hounds has been going since the summer of 2012, I am now based in the village Chinley,  my services include cat sitting, smaller pet visits, puppy care and dog walking, I am reliable, experienced, friendly and very caring with all my clients, I am fully insured, a trusted key holder and I am DBS checked, I can provide the certificate upon request, as a dog walker I walk in small groups, I only walk off lead, when its safe to do , I am very skilled in what I do and over the years I have walked every breed and age imaginable, I like to make sure my dogs get a lot exercise physically and mentally, that they. have a lovely time, playing, sniffing , exploring all under my watchful eye, when I started in 2012 there was not many of us around, by 2015 things where changing and now there lots and lots dog walkers in our area thankfully for me I am still busy, still walking dogs I have cared for for years, still getting new dog walking enquires, I only cover Chinley, Buxworth and Chapel-en-le-Frith, High Peak, Derbyshire. 


for more information find us Facebook,  or you can email me, if you call chances are I will miss that so leave a voice mail please or text me and I will get back to you, 07732265149.

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