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2020 happy hounds High Peak.

I have enjoyed an amazing almost two weeks off from Little Happy Hounds, for Christmas and New Year, its always made sense too take a long break over Christmas and New Year firstly all my clients are off and I need a break, I noticed some of newer dog walkers ‘via social media’ were running round working over Christmas and I was very glad I was not, I have looked after cats before now on Christmas Day but its only ever one person that asks so its not really worth the effort I was out of town anyway over the Christmas break proper anway.  I have had a proper rest, lots of family time, house time, done lots of leisure things, miss all my other dogs now, Saturday so ready too resume walks on Monday, and a Happy Monday its ill be ! 

So walks begin on Monday, a few of my dogs have requested extra dog walks, and  I have cat sitting bookings for January and February so next few weeks look busy for me as a small local business. I have come up with some New Years resolutions regarding all things LHH, as dog walking is getting so competitive in our area I am so thankful and lucky that I have stayed busy my client have stuck with me and I am still getting lots of new enquiries, I like too remind myself of what I am offering for 2020.

Firstly a drive a unbranded van; offering a discreet pet care service for when you not at home. 

Over seven years hands on experience and counting, that experience includes caring for cats, dogs, puppies, chickens, rabbits etc of all ages, breeds and all manner of specific enquiries. 

Fully insured, reliable, trusted key holder. 

I offer go on dog nature walks, off the beaten track, mini hiking adventures making the most of the dark peak, my walks include the Goyt Valley, Fernilee, and Taxal. 

I am a off lead dog walker,  all my clients have good recall, and are highly socialised friendly dogs, I wont walk dogs on leads or unfriendly dogs mixed in with my pack. The reason being  as a one person band its easier just too care for friendly dogs that way we are all on the same page, I send all my on lead enquiries or nervous dog enquiries too newer dog walkers who cater for them. I have walked on lead dogs, nervous dogs, previously, if I get enquiry for a timid dog I often offer a 1-2-1 solo walk after my group walks however a lot of time they want lunch time, and I am busy with group walks,  there are so many dog walkers out there it doesn’t matter someone will be able too walk them. 

I only cover a smaller area around were I am located. So I have covered all over this place over the years and I moved house three times now in toady which has confused things a wee bit. So we started the business in New Mills,  however I found too cover New Mills vicinity, plus Chapel-en-le-frith , Whaley Bridge, Chinley, Buxworth, near impossible, so I stopped covering New Mills in 2018 as I had less clients their then everywhere else so it made sense.  I still get enquiries which is fine as I will always recommend other dog walkers I rate. 

 I am always surprised that we have so many dogs walkers covering this area as far as buxton or that the Disley dog walkers come out all the way too Chinley, bizarre. I am based in Chinley Derbyshire in the Peak District , due to being a small business I cant cover Stockport areas, Buxton areas or New Mills, I have some beautiful amazing cat and dog clients in Chinley, Chapel, Buxworth Whaley and I have some cats in Furness Vale also this keeps me very busy indeed, so its important too keep the business small and local.

If you want too find out more about Little Happy Hounds 2020 be sure to find our Facebook page for updates on our walking adventures, I am on Instagram, youtube, I also. have reviews on our Little Happy Hounds, yell listing, Facebook biz page, google places listing, and  free business index, and this website has testimonial page!

Aaron 07732261549 or email me  

services include dog walker, puppy visits and our cat feeding service Little Happy Cats.



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