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cover-19 guide lines at LHH

so I wrote the bottom Little Happy Hounds guidelines,  yesterday to put my clients at ease regarding Covid-19 and how I am dealing with the situation with work. I was alerted to the fact another dog walker very local to me was writing on business page in statuses some underhanded jabs at the rest of us, things like no insurers are covering dog walkers taking groups out thats why she is doing one to one walks, and my favourite apologising to her clients for not taking pics of her dogs , and she claims you cant use your phone because of corona virus thats its in the guidelines this makes me laugh a lot so I am walking three dogs and I  cant take their photo using my mobile phone because of the corona virus pandemic, okay then !   I am worried my clients will read this and think I am doing things wrong and I am not. 

I was ignoring the first lot of  government guide lights as I strongly felt it was not applicable with what I was doing, thinks like walking dogs 1-2-1 no using my van to transport them, not letting the dogs mix for many in hindsight ridiculous, they have now  amended the the guidelines and shock horror its okay to walk groups of dogs from different households,   so it turns out my common sense was correct. I say not applicable as its all to do with taking dogs from households who are displaying covid-19 symptoms, as a small business I decided weeks ago I would not be prepared to walk clients dogs who have symptoms and are in self isolation full stop capable letters. I appreciate symptoms don’t show for five days so their is a slight risk however I have my own guide lines below,

I have now done three online certificate tests regarding corona virus to make sure I am doing everything correctly best I can( screen shots below) .

I am being so ethical and health and safety aware, like yesterday I had six dogs and I could of took them on one walk but I did not I split the walk in two just because more people are off work and out and about and to keep social distancing myself and the dogs on walks from strangers we see its easier and safer to do three. When other dog walker start having digs at people in the same business as themselves it annoys me, as this is very much a non related business especially the dog walking side from day one I have been sensible and created my own rules, and I like to think almost 8 years in that I have done very well with the running of little happy hounds,   ……. below is what I put the Facebook page, its what I am doing daily during the pandemic, Little Happy Hounds based in Chinley Derbyshire we cover Whaley Bridge Buxworth, Chapel-en-le-Frith, and Chinley, High Peak dog walking, cat sitting and puppy visits, very friendly, very reliable, experienced, I am fully insured DBS checked, I am a small business just a one mad show offering A very personalised pet care  service, we began life back in New Mills in the summer of 2012 ! 

Good evening

Just to let clients know during covid-19 at LHH towers

– I am fully insured to take groups of dogs out have been since I reopened weeks ago!

– I’m following strict LHH guidelines and others ; like I am not walking dogs from infected households displaying covid-19 symptoms in self isolation!

– I have taken several online courses to increase my knowledge about covid-19 and how to better manage it with work.

– I’m adhering to social distancing at all times including collecting and dropping off the doggies

– Rest assured the van is cleaned out daily towels leads harness cleaned disinfected in between collecting dogs, I am using disposable gloves to enter clients homes who are not in and using hand sanitizers and antibacterial wipes in between collection of the clients, lastly before taking dogs home I am wiping them down with pet wipes in the van , if your home it’s a good idea to give them a quick rinse as there is very small minute chance the virus could be in their fur I need to reiterate that it is a very slim chance as we avoid everyone when are out and about !
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