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corona virus 2020 LHH

So not wrote a post in  while, we are still under lockdown with the Cov-19 pandemic.

After taking four weeks off work, unpaid, I made the difficult decision to contact all my clients and offer walks, under my own strict control interms of social distancing, lucky for me not lucky for me demand was not very high so I am just taking a few dogs out, last week was Monday and  Thursday, I am not earning a great deal, lucky for me we don’t have many expenses so far my partner still has a full wage so far we are okay.

There was this ridiculous protocol going about I have no idea where it came from think it was the kennel club with a advice for dog walkers, the rules where strict but what they were not was sensible so in the end I ignored them they were not set down bu government, it was things like walking a dog 1-2-1 on a lead, just ridiculous, dogs can not catch Corona Virus, there might be a small chance it can be in their fur, however my clients would need to have it first, so they have been quizzed regarding wether they are showing any symptoms, they have been made aware I am walking dogs in small organised groups not 1-2-1, and the keeping them on a lead thing is ridiculous,  I am not living in a built up town or going anywhere busy, we have gone very quiet remote places not seen a soul when I have I have got myself and my dogs safely away from anyone.

It was annoying as when I said I was coming back I had anxiety to begin  without other dog walkers chipping in their little bits of useless information their opinions, and they were all OTT with regard to the strict guidelines.  At the end of the day ‘common sense needs to prevail’ if the government are not going to give me some money for food for example and one or two of my clients are struggling I am going back to work end of. I am in great health keeping my distance from everyone including my clients,  they know that their dogs are going in my van and mixing with my other dogs lets not loose our heads with ridiculous paranoia. I took four solid weeks off which is more than several other dog walkers around here did. 

So I am having up and down days on a personal level more so since the lockdown was extended, I am worried about the economy as a whole, I think business will be slow but after lockdown whens schools reopen things will pick back up for me, being quiet, being under lockdown, not earning money are negatives and I am trying to put them back at back of my mind. The positives out way all of that,  spending all this extra time at home in our garden, all this extra time with my elderly dog, its great you have to make the most of these things. 

So yes so I am doing a couple of walks a week with work, obviously walking daily with my own dog, thankful we live in Chinley and for all the open countryside behind us as we can go walking and not see a soul,

 Little Happy Hounds, is still ticking along, we will be back before you know it,. 

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We began in 2012, as a dog walker, I walk in small groups, I am fully insured, trusted ky holder, LHH is a established, caring, reliable local pet care business in the High Peak.

 services include dog walking, puppy visits and cat feeding we cover Chinley, Whaley Bridge, Chapel-en-le-Frith, High Peak Derbyshire.

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