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cat sitting services in the High Peak

So one the nicest things about my business for me is I get too look after peoples cats, as a animal lover this is very rewarding. I love cats , I do however have a scrappy dog which means I cant have both, he is a full force of nature, part terrier, when he was puppy we lived in New Mills and their were so many cats on our street one use too tease him and he’s wanted to chase all of them ever since !! so yes for me getting some kitty cat down time via my work is great, I am lucky enough too have many retuning clients, and Little Happy cats is its own mini business outside my other business Little Happy Hounds ! With my cat sitting services its very much a personalised service that I tailor too meet my clients specific needs for the care of their cat, its for up to three cats but I have also looked after cats and smaller pet households, like chickens, rabbits guineapigs hamsters all sorts since I started pet sitting back in the summer of 2012. At Little Happy cats we offer a very reliable, very caring, highly experienced pet sitting services, prices start from £8.00 for more information find us on Facebook or call me, 07732265149 or email

Based in Chinley Derbyshire I also cover High Peak areas, Whaley Bridge, Chapel-en-le-frith, Buxworth and Furness Vale. 

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