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wash out June 19

So I am half way through my first week back at Little Happy Hounds, is a quiet week I. have dogs off on holidays and one dog resting a sore leg, we have been living in Chinley just over two weeks ad its pretty much not stopped raining ! Raining is fine but we keep getting hot spells so its muggy and your walking the dogs in boggy areas with the full sun burning down on you ! blah ! 

This is the thing when you work outdoor its makes you so sensitive to weather and weather changes.  Even though its now like the swamplands of Chapel-en-le-Frith, I have taken the dogs to Combs reservoir quite a few times this week, they can get cleaned up in reservoir after but also its one of the few places remaining were you can. have your dogs off leads, I took scrappy up Eccles Pike last week and noticed new nesting birds signs, so. no dogs off leads until the end of July, anyway we spotted a dog walker from Chapel,and she had five massive dogs bounding about all off leads so I am pretty sure any nests would of been squashed,  so again I wont take large groups up eccles at the moment. 

Not covering Hayfield anymore at lunch time has been a blessing in disguise,  even though I miss the full time dog I had there, not only am I saving diesel my walks around Whaley Bridge, Chinley and Chapel-en-le-Frith are easier its hard to say why, I found Hayfield very busy lots of walkers lots and lots of walking groups, here we have more open spaces so less people around even with nesting season I can think of two or three decent places to take the dogs were they can be off lead safely free to roam and explore, under my close supervision.  As a dog walker Little Happy Hounds is based in Chinley in the Peak District National park, I offer a very caring, established, reliable pet care services I have been looking after peoples pets in this area since 2012. I am fully insured, crb checked, trusted key holder, Little Happy Hounds services include, cat sitting, puppy visits and dog walking. 

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