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Three of our beautiful doglets.

So obviously all my dog walking clients are lovely, sweet a pleasure too walk, I am one very fortunate and  lucky dog walker. Three I especially adore when they are together is Betty, Ralph and Ozzie, they are just so tiny and cute but huge personalties, they love their walks, nothing fazes them they are so confident, well socialised,  happy dogs and of course they get along with each other so well.

Betty is a cavachon she just turned 4 years old she has been with me since she was about 6 months old, I love her, she’s an absolute angel on walks, she is the same colours has the same markings as Ralph, he is Lhasa apso he is turning two years old next month, and I have puppy visited and then walked Ralph from about 10 weeks old, he’s adorable, loves treats, makes the funniest noises ever, he is the whitest dog and of course by far the dog that is most attracted to mud. So I always think of Ralph and Ozzie as a double act, because 2018 I was lucky enough too take them both on a few months apart and they adore each other, Ozzie has just turned two years old, I see him a bit more than everyone else because his owners often book double walks,  he is Norfolk terrier, he’s a confident little dog, very affectionate, likes to roll on his back when he’s happy. These three doggies which I see regularly, live in Chinley and Chapel-en-le-Frith High Peak which are very much areas I cover for dog walking, puppy visits and cat visits ! 




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