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Octobers hounds.

so fabulous week drawing too a close, last weekend, we had a dog walking enquiry in New Mills and one in Strines, big thank you to both enquiries I was able to redirect them too a more local dog walker for them that I personally rate. I appreciate New Mills is just a few miles down the road but without employees, I am just one tiny man in charge of a lot of dogs so I guess as I have gotten older I have learnt spreading myself out too thinly is not good for my health, I am fortunate and lucky enough too have cat sitting and dog walking clients near home in Chinley, Whaley Bridge were we lived for five years , and  as a small business I am happy too cover a small area ! 

I have a lovely gang of dogs, everyone can be off leads, they all get along famously they are very well socialised. I allow lots of time off leads, lots of playing, sniffing and I try and make sure they are exercised physically and mentally, so if they are home alone once I drop them they probably sleep till their humans come home ! I have no been a dog walker in the High Peak since 2012, the other services we provide at Little Happy Hounds are cat sitting little happy cats and our puppy visits service. 

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