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So I am loving September for the most part its been sunny and cool, not much rain so perfect weather for a dog walker.  I have been taking clients to the Goyt Valley, Eccles Pike Chapel-en-le-Frith, we have had two new customer reviews one on our Facebook business page and one on google,  had no cats on this week and managed a weekend off, which is good as I am soon replacing my work car, she has done me proud, I will particularly miss the soft top, but I wanted more of a van type car with some travel grates and a aback seat so best of both worlds, so I am in talks with a dealership at the minute so I wont say too much as I am always a bit suspicious don’t want to jinx things.  

Screenshot 2019-09-17_17-00-03-724

Anyway so far I am loving Autumn I possibly had the best summer ever as we moved house too Chinley and we are both over the moon about new house, well all three of us my dogs so happy here, the little dog two doors up a Patterdale terrier comes to see him daily she just appears in the garden and then spends hours in the garden with him mostly snoozing. 

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Pictures are from today as you can see its been blue skies and sunshine and look at my spaniel boys, just going to say it I love my LHH spaniels gang, I am currently walking a lot of spaniels, Monty red cocker spaniel, Finn, a sprocker so he is springer spaniel and cocker spaniel mix, and blondie George also a Cocker spaniel after that walk I had Roxy on second walk who’s is springer spaniel,  have say I am attached to all of them, all very well behaved and highly energy which is great for the kind of walking I do. Little Happy Hounds dog walking cat sitting and puppy visits covering Chinley, Buxworth, Chapel-en-le-Frith, and Whaley Bridge High Peak, Derbyshire. 





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