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Happy Hounds High Peak

So after over seven years operation in the High Peak, its very disheartening when you see someone based a few miles down the road pretty much copying your business name, I have been hash tagging Happy Hounds in my posts since 2012, while I don’t think I own the word Happy Hounds or Little Happy Hounds I do think the two businesses near by should of done some market research, its called google, having seen both their heavily branded vans now in Whaley Bridge, the first one I spotted  had copied my words on her Facebook page she soon changed it when challenged.

the good news I don’t have too operate in their towns, I have enough work in Chinley, Whaley Bridge, Chapel-en-le-Frith, anyway rant over, nick the name I have things people can’t steal!  I am going to take my own advice now what I often tell people who want to become dog walkers who have contacted me, beyond be original, also concentrate on your own business, zone out the competition so thats what I am going to do continue doing. 

Little Happy Hounds, has been walking Happy Hounds in the High Peak since, 2012, I walk off lead, in small groups, my walks include Goyt Valley, Eccles Pike, Combs and Taxal. As a dog walker I work on recall and praise based training. I am no dog trainer however this is just things I have picked up instinctively over the years. My dogs keep me busy but I also have a lot of cat sitting clients, our sister business I do on the side Little Happy Cats, offering a very personalised reliable pet sitting service. 





















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