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A Sunday night post !

Another Sunday evening and another post in my little happy hounds dog blog from Chinley LHH HQ. 

so this weekend I have had two days off with no cat sitting at all. I have had a restful weekend and I am more than ready for busy Monday tomorrow, got three one hour walks, and a extra dog !!  Lovely monty the Cocker spaniel has a dog nephew called Teddy a Schnauzer I have walked him once before,and he’s fine with my lot so I happily agreed too walking him as a one off this week alongside our ginger dog prince Monty ! So tomorrow with my own dog I have. group of six in the late morning, then at lunch time its five dogs, then I do a third walk for sister Amy and Ruby its just easier doing them 1-2-1 owner works from home so is flexible with what time I go, one is  older GSD and the other the oldest dog I walk they rescued her so she can be twitchy sometimes so I don’t really like taking them out as a large group !

At the moment we have availability for dog walking and we always have availability for cat sitting, with cat siting I am quite conscious of the time of year , with xmas around the corner, so a little reminder I have taken two weeks off over the Christmas and New Year period, being self employed one man show I have made sure my regulars knew of my time off earlier in the year, think it was February anway this weekend I had two new enquiries for the Christmas period which I said no too. My other enquiry this weekend was a dog walking one at lunch times in New Mills, so I don’t cover New Mills anymore since last year 2018,

all my lunchtime  dog walking clients are based in Chinley and Chapel-en-le-Frith and my morning walk tends to be my Whaley Bridge gang! If someone enquired with regards too dog walking in New Mills how could be flexible with dog walking times I could at a push do the last walk of the day about 2/2:30 !! 

As a dog walker I walk in small groups, I take my clients on very dog friendly walks, away from traffic, farm animals, allowing lots of time for them to be off leads, have fun, sniffing, exploring and being dogs, given them lots mental and physical exercise. We live in a semi rural area in the Peak District Derbyshire so I like to make the most of these surroundings by offering proper dog nature walks.

I walk off leads when its safe too do so, as a one man show I don’t have any dogs that cant be off leads I don’t think it works having dogs off lead and dogs on lead I am one person after all. I often work on recall and obedience with my dogs using treats too train them too come back when I call. My walks include, Fernilee, the Goyt Valley, Taxal, I sometimes go up Eccles Pike Chapel-en-le-Frith, so I have been a dog walker for a long time now, longest job I have ever had I am lucky that Little happy Hounds continues to thrive and I get too spend my day with all my lovely dogs, I offer care, experienced and reliability !! I am fully insured, little happy hounds pet care services High Peak as been caring for pets in this area since the summer of 2012. find us on facebooked, I have reviews on yell, google, Facebook this website and free business index.

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my usual Monday first walk group !

my usual Monday first walk group !

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