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the end of September and seven years in fresh new beginnings for LHH

Saturday, the weekend has arrived, I have cat visited ole and tin tin so they will be fine till later on for their second visit, we have walked my dog scrappy dog, I have printed some receipts off for work, I have hoovered and mopped all our lower levels, its raining in Chinley so time to write a post for our blog. 

So fabulous September is drawing too a close, this August we celebrated 7 years in the business of pet care around these parts. Dog walkers have come and gone, several decided they did not like dog walking and set up as dog daycare, others got tiny fields too walk around in a circle all day with the dogs, Little Happy Hounds however is still here, still offering the same level of care and services I have done since 2012. I have let things slide a lot firstly we moved house, so before that our lives were dominated by trying to move house then once we moved house we had so much too do and also it was summer time and with a new 25 meter back garden, made me not really want to anything let alone promote work; we love our new house the space it gives us living in a lovely little village its a fresh start, not being hemmed in is a plus  but also having amazing and lovely neighbours, all of whom are dog owners makes it the best place I have ever lived.

then my dog got sick took a few weeks for him too make a recovery but he did, now however my attention and my focusing is firmly on work and carrying on forward with Little Happy Hounds.  531397_10151052680517221_27032370_n

So competition is stiff for pet care services a specially around these parts, their is a young person in a very brightly coloured branded van, under charging the market average for cat sitting and dog walking, and while he/she is a lovely person I have met and talked to them their, I don’t like or agree with  half their dogs off leads and half on, walking very nervous anxious dogs with normally behaved dogs and undercharging means, which means I don’t rate them, wont recommend them and try and stay clear of them. 

Also there are also several new and really great dog walkers around here as well as the more established ones, so yes its a very competitive game, my attitude previously was too switch off from that; being older I cant be bothered to be competitive and that still stands however I have decided to up my A game, improve everything I can about Little Happy Hounds and also start advertising. 

So this began with circulating my flyer; this is very slow progress I need to make an effort, lovely client of mine laminated my flyer and stuck it on a tree outside her house which I thought was a lovely thing to do, the second thing I have done is got a new work van.  

This was a long time coming my old car and I fell out years ago, leaking roof, a few bumps and scratches were I have not been careful parking up as I stopped caring about it a long time ago. Anyway 5 years later the car was costing a fortune to maintain as it was so old, and being in it day in and day out was bringing me down, so it had to go ! Out with my estate car I now  have more of van van, with a cage for my more unruly doggies, after a week of driving it I am finally now confident that I made a good decision to get rid and replace, even though I have wiped out mu savings in the process.

So seven years in, a lot has changed I started this when I was 32 I am now going to almost 40, think life has taught me a lot I have made some mistakes along the way, but I am feeling like everything is turning a corner, professionally and personally, professionally everything feels fresh and new again. So I am looking forward to the future of Little Happy Hounds, too reiterate our ethos , which has not changed, I am still providing dog nature walks, off leads, going varied  places too make it fun and interesting for the dogs, doing longer than an hour walks when the time permits, making sure all my dogs are exercised and cared for. And too offer a very experienced puppy care service, which goes beyond just offering company for a puppy, I do some praise based training, simple things really, like recall, bite inhibition, toilet training, I look after my clients; for example if they are first time dog owners or need my advice, I am there with recommendations  advice anything I can help with, little things I have always done, like loaned dog coats out for a puppy clients, recommenced groomers, vets etc.

 And finally our very reliable very caring pet sitting service, Little Happy Cats,  caring for the cats in their own home, we reduce stress from say putting them in a cattery. This service is also stretches to the care of smaller pets, chickens, rabbits, and most recently I looked after some Alpacas. With all over services we offer seven years hands on experience, and even longer than that with personal pet ownership,  trusted key holder,  fully insured, CRB checked, canine first aid certificate, and we are a small local pet care business , their are no employees,  its just me guaranteeing a more caring and personalised touch in everything we do at Little Happy Hounds, based in Chinley in the Peak District, we have clients in Furness Vale, Buxworth, Chinley, Chapel-en-le-Frith, Whaley Bridge, dog walking, puppy visits, cat feeding.

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