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June not gone to soon July has arrived.

So this post on the blog is about the mad crazy week I have had at Little Happy Hounds, last weekend I was in Amsterdam so have spent most of the week tired from a hectic weekend. Part of our new house move was changed, want to have more fun do thing i rarely do and going away without my dog was one of the things I Neve knew, even though through work I know of and recommend some amazing dog home boarding places, I was not comfortable leaving scrappy my dog with anyone he doesn’t know, so to have my friend who knows the dog stay at my house with him, scrappy familiar surroundings was great he did not get stressed at all, so I feel like a great weight has been lifted and I could go away again in the near future. Amsterdam was great very relaxed, very liberal, I would definitely go again, we just did a great deal of walking exploring they have some beautiful buildings and parks the canals are so beautiful tree lined, full of boats olive green clean water. 

So. back to the reality of Little Happy Hounds after my lovely  weekend away, I have had a not so good month with work, financially,  and a very expensive month with the house move, not that it matters, still enjoyed my work and paid my bills.  June I had dog walking clients off on holiday, one dog off for three weeks with a sore leg, one off for a week because he was unwell, I took a week off to move house, so all in all it was not a very good pay day when we got to the end of June, on top of that I moved house, bought furniture, paid to have the Aga in the new house fixed, had a £400 plus repair bill on the car, and on and on.. so in lots of ways I was glad to see the back of June ! 

This week has been great, I have been looking after Queenie on and off last few weeks, with pet visits, and I started cat sitting Ole and Tin tin this weekend, and from today two cats I looked after last summer are booked in, ginger cat Scamp and his sister Poppy, cat sitting I do have quite a few bookings in, I am not as a busy as last year I think firstly my price rise, but also so many new dog walkers cat sitters around this year, especially the. buxton ones who cover our area, this has also been reflected in the enquiries I am getting recently all of which have been very last minute and very temporary, I had someone ask me to look after there cat Monday eve, starting on the Tuesday in New Mills, firstly far to short notice she did contact me at weekend when I was in Amsterdam but still too short notice, secondly as a small business I had to stop covering New Mills, I was spreading myself to thin, I have enough work were I live Chinley and surrounds, Buxworth, Chapel-en-le-Frith and Whaley Bridge.  The pet care services we offer at Little Happy Hounds, are cat sitting, puppy  visits and dog walking, fully insured, established business, I don’t drive around in a big brightly coloured company branded van as I like to offer discretion, when people are on holiday for example.

So last week we did a scattering of walks for new dogs Oreo and  Teddy, then just yesterday Monty is coming back he is a term time client, he is  red, ginger cocker spaniel his owner has been sick so cancelled his walks with me, I kept the door open as he is a lovely dog, I am walking him next few weeks, until the summer holidays and I am giving some consideration and thought to him coming back in September. 

We also have had two recommendations on our Little Happy Hounds Facebook page, one of my dogs Milly Labradoodle turned 10 years old and I just feel its a very big birthday, I have been her dog walker now for half a decade !!! Anyway I got her some dog cup cakes to say happy birthday and her owner left me lovely recommendation, ( screen shot below) 

And my other new recommendation was lovely Roxy’s owner, a new client of mine I took on a few months back, she is a springer spaniel, sadly and very tragically her old dog walker, took his own life beginning of May, I never knew him but he was my age, a dog walker in our area, so its really upset me in general, so I was glad I was able to help in the situation in some way so Roxy joined us for three walks a week and she great, she is always super excited to see me. 

Lastly the fabulous Ole and tin tin cats also left me a review on yell, screen shot below, which was very kind, I love caring for those new beautiful kitties.  So all these recommendations and reviews and lots of others can be seen on our Yell listing, our Facebook pages, little happy hounds and little happy cats.

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