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puppy March Madness

so I have had a few work car issues and once it goes in the garage its taken days to fix so its affecting work so at last I am getting a new car I just have to wait a few months as I am moving house and I will know how much money I have left and what budget I have for the new car, I am going to go van car again but I want inner doors installed, and one cage. 

So Little Happy Hounds, has been busy for the first part of 2019, this second week of march things have died a death, no cats booked in for next few weeks, I have four clients off, two on holiday one cancelled four walks very last minute, with no work car and monsoon conditions I am glad at 11:21 am I have finished for the day, start again tomorrow ! 

Max puppy a cockapoo we took on as a puppy visit client did his first Monday lunch time walk, he has already been on the Wednesday last third walk, so he had no met several Monday dogs Ralph and Oscar, I noticed he was a lot more overly excited on this walk then my my Wednesday one, he is still very young and I think because I am only seeing him twice a week I have a lot of novelty value, every time he sees me and the dogs he forgot and gets excited all over again, anyway he is adorable, as a dog walker he is going to be a brilliant part of my lunch time group, he is one of my Chinley clients, I have other regular dogs I see in Chinley and quite a few now in Chapel-en-le-Frith  that along with lots of regulars I see in Whaley Bridge. 

The picture below is a walk I did in Hayfield High Peak Derbyshire.  yesterday, that is puppy Max the cockapoo, Ozzie the Norfolk terrier and Ralph the Lhasa apso, both Ozzie and Ralph where my puppy clients last year, and I have to say they have turned into brilliant doggies as their dog walker its always a pleasure to walk them. I had two others on that walk Max Labrador and Oscar cavapoo so five dogs, which is a okay amount for me, I prefer groups of four I don’t like doing six dogs at once but at times I have too, I try very hard to find quiet places around the Peak District and I do try often to work on recall with the dogs.

Max Ozzie Ralph Mondays

Max Ozzie Ralph Mondays

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