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Tuesday February 18

So its been a great start to the new working week. We have been to see new cat sitting clients in Buxworth, that starts this weekend, and we have had a new puppy visits/ dog walking enquiry in Chapel-en-le-Frith. For dog walking, puppy care and cat visits we very much cover Buxworth, Chinley and Chapel-en-le-Frith and as a small business we have lots of regular returning clients at these places. So next week is half term in the High Peak and I have say I am much busier than I was during October 2017 half term when a lot of my clients took time off. I am only loosing a few clients, so with everyone off work and school and me being busy its going to be a logistical miracle to get threw the week.

From Friday we are looking after, three lots of cats, Baz Agatha and Leonard, and are new cats Mow Mow and Lizzy, bit except to be looking after our newbies, Mow Mow is 20 years old, just wow ! I am also looking after my Chapel cats Ole and Tin tin, on Saturday in preparation for possibility of him coming back to dog walks,we are walking Mario, he is a jet black cocker spaniel.

Next week I am looking after Eustace, he is this rather handsome siamese cat, a cat sitting client of mine for years since 2014, that takes us to the weekend and we have elderly new mills cat booked in CAT, thats her name and two faces I. have not seen for ages, Whaley Bridge cats Whirley and Hector they now have a new cat called Walter. 

So as you can tell on this post there is a lot going on at Little Happy Hounds, for the next week few weeks. Today we did two walks, I took a large group up to Taxal, near home for the first walk, it was cold and windy, lots of snow on the ground, its very dog friendly their at the moment as there is a no cattle.  Saw some amazing snowy views of Windgather Rocks and looking over towards the Goyt Valley in general. Our second walk we did in Hayfield, Chinley Head, towards Mount Famine, again very snowy sheep free at the moment, on the way back, we were hit by a snow blizzard so that was quite challenging wet and cold.

I was very annoyed with Facebook at the weekend, I am fine now whats happened has absorbed into my system, I did have 55 reviews on Friday on the Facebook page, some written some just stars and out of nowhere Facebook reduced them to 43 and then on Sunday to 35, I have counted them and on my phone I make over 50 plus, it is a mystery, its annoying as thats almost six years of work, my hard work that Facebook can just change without giving me a choice or a reason, so I have decided to suck it up butter cup, all the reviews on there I have cut and pasted onto the website anyway. I have to use Facebook as I get so much good feedback and its important to me and my clients to offer a transparent service at all times. Little happy hounds, dog walker and pet care services.

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