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the summer hols.

Its now the summer holidays so I have to be really careful with walking numbers, with most of High Peak off work, off school and no top of that all the tourists who come to Peak District, so will be reducing walking numbers, looking for quieter places to walk. I am actually much busier than I was last years summer holidays. As well as my term timers leaving last year, Mario left a full time client as did Chico. Mario has since come back, on top of that we now. have Ralph and Ozzie and all our other regular dog walking clients.

I am trying to cut back on the work I do in New Mills, especially the cat sitting, especially when clients request two daily visits, getting from Whaley Bridge to New Mills in the morning, when the schools are opened, is hard work and very time consuming and I am then back to Whaley Bridge for my first dog walk. So I have kept some long standing New Mills cat sitting clients for various reasons, one being a elderly cats see a few times a year, the others being one daily cat visit clients so I can visit them after my walk stop in the later afternoon. However I have passed quite a few clients onto another dog walker I know in New Mills. As a pet care business we have always done well with cat sitting in the New Mills vicinity, still get lots of new enquiries. At one time we had some many New Mills dogs, however the majority of the clients I see now for walks are now in Whaley Bridge, Chinley, Chapel-en-le-Frith. I have one full timer in Birch Vale, so we tend to do the second walk in and around his area, Hayfield, Lantern Pike etc. 

So we have a youtube channel, its in my name Aaron Memari-Jay instead of Little Happy Hounds as I had it way before my business started almost six years ago, anyway time from time I do upload videos, not many as I do tend to promote little happy hounds mostly via the Facebook pages. Anyway I noticed the other day a old video from 2014, has almost 5000 views on youtube. Bit of a shock really,  you can watch it below. It features Oscar the cavapoo and Betty the cockapoo, Betty left sadly, loved her to peaces but her access was hard work, after she moved house and my car could not cope with it. We still see Oscar Monday to Friday he is a full time dog walking clients. 



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