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Pippa Puppy

So just before Christmas one of my dog walking clients made my Christmas by getting a puppy ! A westie puppy, so I have been seeing her twice a day picking up and dropping off her schnauzer brother on walks, she is fully vaccinated so I have been introducing her dogs last two weeks and making preparations for her too join our walks. Ideally would like too wait till February, but her owner have agreed last week of January for her too come on dog walks. It suppose too be 5 minutes exercise for everymonth old till they are fully grown, I recon thats not 100% and lot depends on dog breed.

Anyway I am so attached to her she has a really feisty personality, I also lover her brother Arthur he has been really good on walks last few weeks, he was also a puppy when he joined us at the beginning of January, they are term time only dogs but are Monday too Friday dog walking clients. Both Arthur and Pippa go my first daily walk in Whaley Bridge, which makes that now the busiest walk, I start collecting the dogs mostly in Whaley Bridge at about 9:30 am, by the time we start the walk and get back to the car is about 11:30 am. 

At the moment, we have dog walking vacancies, on Monday, Tuesday and Friday. As I am a one man show there is not much more room for any more dog clients. As a dog walker, I walk in small groups, off lead when its safe too do so, Little Happy Hounds has been looking after pets in High Peak since 2012 so well over five years of care and experience. With puppy visits I offer toilet breaks, socialising, reward praise based training like toilet training, bite inhibition and recall, I can also help with walking on the lead training. I don’t however pretend too be a dog trainer I am dog walker and pet sitter, I tell all new puppy clients too find a good puppy training class. We are based in Whaley Bridge, we also cover New Mills, Furness Vale, Birch Vale, Chapel-en-le-Frith, Chinley, and Buxworth, services include dog walking, puppy care and cat sitting services. 




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