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long History of pet care in Chapel-en-le-Frith.

As we move forward, as a dog walker, its always good to look back at our very humble beginnings, how I had to gain reputation as a good reliable dog walker, to many new ones in our area these days,  have got there by being well connected, they are popular and no everyone, so in lots of instances got a helping hand, I  never had that luxury. I was there flyer dropping hand made flyers in 2013, I was there having to look after a puppy all the way in Reddish as the industry hadn’t exploded and I still had not found my feet, I had clients in Marple, woodley reddish to begin with those clients were for daycare and home boarding , my actual first regular dog walking clients were in Chapel, New Mills, and Chinley. I am grateful now over six years later that I have succeeded Little Happy Hounds survived, we keep moving forward I have so many supportive loyal clients, I feel so fortunate. 

So back in 2013, Little Happy Hounds was still relatively new business, when we started getting a bit busier.  One of our very first dog walking clients was a elderly Cocker spaniel, from Chapel-en-le-Frith, Barney, I walked him a few times took him up Eccles Pike, however he had a breathing resperitory illness, so the last few times I looked after him was at home and he had to put to sleep eventually I think in the summer 2013 if memory services me correct.

The other clients we took on in and around Chapel-en-le-Frith, was Ffin lovely tri-colour collie puppy, who has since relocated to Scotland, and just outside of Chinley was Tess a lovely border terrier was our client until early summer this year.  Our other founding dog walking members were Hollie, beautiful tiny rescue Shih Tzu, who hated other dogs, I. helped socialise her, sadly she left 2017 and died earlier this year in 2018 she had some horrible liver disease. I was so fond of her as they rescued her and she was quiet, depressed really, in her new home I always thought she thrived she became playful with me, I then got her use to my dog and then for the next three years she was a big member in my lunchtime walking group, was sad to see her go, it was quick when she left, they had their reasons, sadder to hear she had passed, RIP Holly ill remember that doggy for a very longtime. 

Its not the easiest job, as you get very attached. I am with peoples pets sometimes every working day. Peoples situations change and its not easy when they leave, its much worse when they pass, and I have had quiet a few elderly dogs and cats over the years.

Other founding members were Oscar cavapoo puppy and Max Labrador x golden retriever puppy both joined us in 2013 and are both still regular clients of ours ! 

Back in 2013, we were based in New Mills, we moved to Whaley Bridge in 2014, and now have dog walking and cat sitting clients in Whaley Bridge, Chapel, Chinley, Buxworth, Furness Vale, High Peak. Little Happy Hounds pet care services High Peak.  cat sitting , puppy visits, dog walking services. 


Rip Holly very special to me…

Ffin and a wet Oscar

Ffin and a wet Oscar

RIP Barney

RIP Barney

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