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Fab February

So not posted for a while as February has been really busy, new dog walking clients Ozzie and Monty and from this coming week a new puppy client 10 week old Lhasa Aspso called Ralph. We also have looked after new cat sitting clients Lizzie and Mow Mow, as well as regulars Baz, Eustace, Minuit, Cat, Walter Whirley and Hector, February has been a very busy successful month for cat sitting work I do. We have had some lovely walks around the High Peak, our new puppy client Ozzie has done so well on all his walks, he is Norfolk terrier, just five months old but has settled in so well, is recall is amazing, he is absolute pleasure to walk, we went up Lantern Pike most lunch time walks last week, on Friday fancies a change of scene so we did a Hayfield walk, with the morning group we have been going up Eccles Pike, Chapel-en-le-Frith and Taxal and for my third walk I have done Overhill Rd New Mills a few times, and Toddbrook Reservoir Whaley Bridge, 

After I arranged to meet this new puppy visits client Ralph, a dog I have not seen for a while came back, he is very full time but I did have some problems with him last year sulking on walks and not wanting to be walked, so we took break, and have his first week back I have had a 90% success on walks however I don’t feel comfortable putting him in the busier lunch time walk, incase he wants to runway or hurl himself on the ground so he has moved onto the quieter third walk which he seems to prefer, he is very sweet and I am. very fond of him which is why I have give him so many chances, he is this jet black cocker spaniel, so I am sure as you can appreciate with him coming back Monday to Friday and needing kid gloves plus the puppy clients, and all the extra cats, this half term week has been crazy busy, which is why I am saying no more new clients till after April, give me a chance to get threw this transitional period. As I have nobody working for me with the driving and three walks I am doing a 9 am to 4 pm/ 5pm  day five days a week, that about as much as I can do and want to do work wise. We had another new enquiry just last week about 5 minutes from home for dog walking but I had say no as Mario and Ralph are enough fro the time being as last month it was Ozzie, Pippa and Monty joining walks. 

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