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July and 2018 thus far at LHH

So its been a really great last few months and in general I think 2018 has been brilliant for Little Happy Hounds but also for myself on a personal level. Business is booming,  I have to be very careful regarding new dog walking clients, as a small business and a one man show there are things I can’t do, my last two enquires for example-one was for three dogs one house hold the other four same household both wanting lunch time, there is no way I could agree to multiple dog households like that .  So yes as ever the balance is difficult especially with the summer holidays looming we loose a lot of clients which is fine but I still have to make sure I can pay my bills, so that another thing now no more term time only clients. 

Were we do have room to grow is with cat sitting. Unsually I have had a really quiet last few months, I turned down several cat sitting offers due to distance and one client who has now left us, also cancelled two cat sitting gigs for July, I am however glad of the lesser work load as we have so many cats booked in towards end of July and August. 

Cat sitting aside, the dogs have kept me very busy, I was doing three daily one hour walks. And most groups were six and fives, thats calming down a bit, one full time client is going down to three days from five which will make the difference. Anyway what will remember June and July 2018 for will be the heatwave, and managing the dogs on walks, its constant worry regarding heat stroke.  We have done shorter walks, walks by rivers and reservoirs, shaded walks in woods, so far so good just have a few more busy weeks left before summer holidays and work becomes a little bit quieter. This last weeks walks included Combs Reservoir in Chapel-en-le-Frith and Hayfield woods behind the campsite. The other thing that keeps me very busy is the driving I do, I am covering a wide area, with regular clients dog walking and cat sitting in New Mills, Birch Vale, Chinley, Chapel-en-le-Frith, Whaley Bridge,

So in August we are six years old, and I can’t quite believe it, August 2012 we began life as Aaron Pet Care services, I had clients all over, woodly, Marple, Reddish not many in New Mills were I actually lived anyway after few months we had a facelift, became Little Happy Hounds, and in 2013 things really took off, and as a small business we have gone from strength strength, I had the monopoly for a while, which is never a good thing, and eventually other dog walkers started to appear who like me used websites, social media, especially in New Mills. I have had a few come to me for guidance which is great, the only thing I insist on is people be original, this includes stealing ideas off one another via Facebook, people will stay nameless, but I am good friends with a smaller business and a larger business often takes her ideas off her Facebook page and launches them onto a bigger platform, which say what you want, I don’t think thats right. I only go on a few friends Facebook pages I don’t spy out the local completion as I think I need to focus on my own business and keep being original so far six years down the line it has worked.


new boys Ozzie and Ralph

new boys Ozzie and Ralph


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