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So its always really nice when a client unexpectedly leaves you a review even more so when you have literally just been walking the dog in question for a week. I have clients on my books just one or two that have never left me a review in all the years I have walked their dog. But what I liked about this review is its wording, it really hit home about puppy care, or the dogs I walk, things I have said from day one that it needs to be a transparent service  that we are caring for the vulnerable., which is why I use Facebook so everyone can see what is going on, I keep my clients locations too myself, if you ever see me using a location on instgram for cats I am caring for, it wont be where the cats actually are, so for example of the cats are in chapel-en-le-frith, I use another location that I provide cat sitting service in like Whaley Bridge, its all to do with healthy and safety and client confidentiality.

  I have done this for so long its autopilot for me, too look after someones puppy is something I have done so many times, I know the drill,  extra care, kid gloves, the importance of recall, and socialising I am doing things with the puppies I read about ages ago that I did for my own dog. So this is  very good time for Little Happy Hounds, we have lots of new clients, dog walking and younger clients.  We cover the High Peak area Derbyshire, Whaley Bridge, Furness Vale, Birch Vale, Hayfield, Chinley, Chapel-en-le-Frith, New Mills. Our services include puppy care, puppy visits, plus experience in walking puppies who are inoculated and are getting are now able to walk, shorter walks for younger puppies can be arranged.  As a dog walker we go on some amazing dog friendly walks in the High Peak with our emphasis being on proper dog nature walks, off the beaten track.


new puppy client x

new puppy client x

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