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August 2018 the holiday month.

Thought it was about time I wrote a post on my blog about the business, Little Happy Hounds, what we have been to over the summer holidays. So we have been busy, as small business, I am one person, so it feels like a very busy time, its taken longer to get around in the car fitting three one hour walks and doing three and four cat visits daily so most days I am doing a 9:30 to 5 pm, makes me chuckle as often on walks people ask me if this is my full time job….As previously mentioned cat sitting has excelled in July and August which is great as I love cats and I love pet sitting, we have had returning cat clients, new cat sitting clients, and its been busy but lovely. I got three new cat sitting clients in Whaley Bridge, one of whom was this beautiful Siberian six month old kitten Joey, he was a delight to look after very cute very tactile.  Another long term client of mine, three beautiful cats Walter, Whirley and Hector, left me such a lovely review on my Little Happy Cats Facebook page, link below.

Dog walking has been crazy for months firstly because of the heatwave so I had to shorter low level walks with water, two of my haunts have been Hayfield, with the New Mills and Birch Vale clients and Wash and Kisshing Field with our Whaley Bridge, Chapel-en-le-Frith, Chinley, dog walking clients. Anyway the heatwave finally vanished, we had some cooler and rainy days, I have been able to get back on my usual, interesting walks I do, high up, Lantern Pike doggy hike and a walk I do near our house in Taxal. August was also the month I have been a dog walker and pet sitter for six years ! Little Happy Hounds, began life in 2012 in the High Peak !! 

I have felt awful as I have taken, next week off, the bank holiday weekend, into the last week of summer holidays, something I do every year, as I have turned down, so many cats, new cat sitting enquiries, but also some of my regulars. I notified everyone I was taken that week off in February, as a business with no other members of staff all I can do is give as much notice, remind everyone nearer the time, help recommend alternative dog walkers pet sitters. Anyway I take that week off, as first week of September is busy as is all of September. I see August as a holiday month so its a good time to take a week off, my other fave a week in easter and I always take a week off in June. This year I did things differently as I got married, so took 10 days off in June instead of a week and this October I am taking a long weekend off to go away as its our 15 year anniversary the occasion needs marking. If I have learnt anything especially after some bad family news this week, life is to short, I have to break away from work sometimes switch off and do things that do not involve the business. We are off to Scotland next week can not wait, hiking, hills, isolation, the cottage I have hired is in the middle of no where! 

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