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Whaley Bridge too Furness Vale.

October already wow September went past so quick ! So yesterday we had a brilliant walk from Whaley Bridge too Furness Vale, I was cat sitting Rosie and thought it would be fun too leave the car at home and walk  just my partner my dog and I. We began from our house onto Macclesfield Road, following a path that goes threw Walker Brow Farm, the path takes you into the woods at Kisshingfield, back of Toddbrook Reservoir, entering into the county of Cheshire, we followed Start Lane up back towards Whaley Bridge, took  another foot path which skirting around the bottom of Whaley Moor at this point we were back in Derbyshire, on this path threw a field, heading towards Buxton Old Road there are great views  of Toddrbook from a alternative angle I don’t often see, 

Eventually we are on Buxton Old Road we had to walk up the road for about 200 yards towards Higher Disley, looking for a path on our right, which took us into a field, dropping down towards the very back of Yeardsley lane, I popped in too cat visit my client Rosie, who was very hungry and had a immaculate litter tray, bless her, once Rosie was fed and watered, we headed back home, this time up Yeardsley Lane, back threw Ringstone field, onto Hockerly Lane, crossing over Whaley Lane into Cow Field and across Toddrbook Reservoir we got back onto Macclesfield Road and eventually. home too Linglongs little happy hounds HQ  pictures are from that walk. Little Happy Hounds, Whaley Bridge, dog walker , pet sitting services, puppy visits. 




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