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weekend edition.

So last week was a fabulous busy one. We had a number of new dog walking puppy visits enquiries. On Friday we went too meet Oliver a five year old Cavalier, who is joining us a ad-hoc casual dog walking client. We had number of dog friendly walks, in Whaley Bridge, Chapel-en-le-Frith and Hayfield. The weather was beautiful all week, very dry, sunny, cool, brilliant weather if your a dog walker.

This weekend is possibly the least dog friendly in our calendar in High Peak Derbyshire as its bonfire night, I love  Bonfire night,  we use too  always attend the firework display at High Leah Park New Mills, however we got a dog, and he hates fireworks. So I have built him a den which worked last night, I defrosted this stinky dog bone with flesh hanging off it, and he was so occupied chewing he did not respond too the first lot of fireworks.  After November the 5th its then the run down too the Christmas holidays. 

This week we did three extra walks for King Charles Cavalier brothers Jasper and Jackson, I usually just see them once a week, its always a pleasure too walk these two as they are so happy to be on walks, listen too my every word, they are so quiet in the car I am in danger of forgetting they are in the boot and driving home with them, casual clients since 2015 but I have known them longer due to were we use to walk my own dog Scrappy in New Mills.

Enquires wise has been frustrating week for me this week, as we have had a number of puppy visits enquires, and I have had to say no, as they wanted schedule that I could not do, as I am with my walking groups. Been racking my brain, I think I could look after a puppy either first thing or at about 2:30pm, and it would have to be more near home Whaley Bridge, then New Mills. If I had a few more dog walking clients I could take on a assistant and they could help with th puppy visits till the puppy was older and vaccinated and ready to come out on dog walks. This is the problem with being a small business. We did take someone on a few years back, that experience put me off for a entire year after, then when I was making preparations too take someone on again, for two days a week, then one of my clients left, their circumstances changed and the days I was struggling with become manageable ! True story. I guess the smaller I am with no employees, the better it is too offer the most bespoke, personalised, caring service.

** If you do need a puppy care don’t let this put you off enquiring, we love puppies and we love new enquires, the last few puppies I have looked after were a bit older like Arthur was four months old so joined us on group walks George was the same as was Betty, my dog walking clients, Max, Oscar, Bobbie, Bridie, we have lots of puppy care experience.This week we have been looking after, cat sitting,  Luna, Esmee, Minuit, Honey, Orlando and Beatrice the little happy cats.

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Thursdays second walk

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Thursdays first walk

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