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So as ever at Little Happy Hounds, I am trying the keep the business very small, still make a living, and still provide the best personalised cat care I can, and also make sure I take my dog walking clients on some great walks, keeping them safe, keeping them company and providing some fun really.

At Little Happy Hounds, we don’t drive a branded a van, I prefer discretion when I am driving around and letting myself into peoples homes, especially if I am cat sitting and they are on holiday. I drive a large estate car, massive boot with a dog guard up, my clients have the use of the back seat, I have seat belt clips and the boot space. I spend a great deal of time making sure everyone who comes on board with us is good in the car and so far so good all my dogs are great in the car, so no need for cages. 

Dog walking, we tend to go off the beaten track, hiking really, I avoid parks, and low level walks like Sett Valley Trail most of the time, I prefer walking in small groups, with the dogs off leads, so they safely roam sniff and explore and get proper exercise, we are competitively priced, £10.00 for one dog, £14.00 for two dogs same household. 

Half an hour dog walks are £8.00 for one dog £12.00 for two dogs same house hold. This is subject to availability. 

For puppy visit clients, we have either a morning appointment or after the lunch time walk, having no employees, means it can be tricky too juggle this not impossible a lot of my dog walking clients started with me as dog walking clients, once your puppy is vaccinated we can move onto half an hour lead walks, then perhaps joining the quieter groups, what I do offer is care, experience and love. There is also obedience training, recall, praise reward based training. How to walk on the lead correctly, toilet training. for puppy visits prices start from £8.00 for half an hour, two daily visits £12.00.

Having said that not  driving a massive branded ‘over compensating van’ has its draw backs for me, as I have to work much harder to advertise the business. If it was not for the success of my cat sitting work and the long term dog walking clients who have stuck with me from day one, I would of gone under this year, due to the competition, slowly taken over in our non densely populated area, as it is I do okay, word of mouth, long standing clients, will keep us a float. I make enough to pay my bills more importantly I am doing the job I was meant to do which is working with animals.

I am so lucky too have a lot of cat sitting bookings still for the rest of October and we have some big ones coming up in December, along with all my Monday to Friday dogs, part time regular dogs and the ad-hocs, its going too a very busy next two months until the Christmas break.

So I have been doing a few things too try and promote Little Happy Hounds, blogging which takes ages and I run out of things to say, the other thing I have been doing has so far been very effective as I got a new cat sitting clients this week. 

So we are looking for new cat sitting and dog walking clients too join us, you can find my reviews everywhere, on free business index, yell, we have two Facebook pages one dedicated too the Little Happy Cats the other too the Little Happy Hounds, both have reviews on there I think they total up too 63 Facebook reviews, there is a one star review on the little happy hounds page not from any client and the comments on the thread have never been clients of us, I will let you make your own mind up on that 1 star review, Facebook is very unfair and sadly I can’t monitor change or do anything regarding that, I also have reviews on our google listing and the Good dog guide.


Little Happy Hounds pet care services, High Peak, dog walking, cat sitting, dog walker, puppy sitting, New Mills, Chapel-en-le-Frith, Chinley, Whaley Bridge, Buxworth, Furness Vale,    Established in 2012, I have been on a canine first aid course, I have a CRB enhanced discloser, I am also a trusted key holder, I have lots of my clients keys on file. After five years of Little Happy Hounds, I have hopefully proven myself very trust worthy, very reliable and very very caring. 

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