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Snow Thursdays !

So today. has been a challenge, as we have had some horrible weather, I have however took a lot of strength from how my dog walking clients are due to the snow. Yesterday we had really wet and cold dog walk, one of my clients Fritz has just had a hair cut so he was freezing, then before that we had snow and all the problems that come with that. Then today snow again, icy roads, slushy roads, several more near incidents with the car so all in all challenging week for someone who works outdoors ! 

So today I did two walks for the happy hounds, we did Taxal Edge, near home for my Whaley Bridge and one of my Chinley clients, as its a huge expanse of land, and I know a lot of locals up there I feel confident taking a group a group of six parking up there has been a challenge because of the weather. Anyway we had a lovely one hour walk, I did less walking as I was literally falling over on the ice, and I just had them running about on a snowy bit, chasing snow balls, tiring them out, 

Then my second walk, took me, too Chapel-en-le-Frith, too collect two more clients, then onto New Mills too collect more and then Birch Vale too pick up Oscar the cavapoo and we did the walk at Twenty trees Hayfield, Hayfield is so beautiful in the snow, their was. really bite in the wind, but the sun was out the dogs were so happy I bought ball catcher recently with Max, a Labrador cross I walk in mind and it went down a storm till my dog Scrappy, decided he would take it off me, youtube clip below. So as ever I only take my clients on dog friendly walks, dog nature walks, off the beaten track, on busy days like today, I have too walk groups of six, I am soley responsible for my own dog on Thursdays, my partner works very long hours, so I have take Scrappy with me if I leave him at home I will have two very hectic walks two cat visits a full days work, and then return home too very a hyperactive dog so on Thursdays he comes too both walks, and takes up one of my spaces. ! I have too be true too myself, their is no way I am going too look after and care for some many dogs that don’t belong too me and neglect my own ! We do have gaps for new dog walking clients, find us on Facebook for reviews, and we have testimony page on this website ! 


We offer our caring pet sitting and dog walking services in New Mills, Whaley Bridge, Chapel-en-le-Frith, Disley, Hayfield, Chinley, Buxton,  High Peak, Derbyshire. Fully insured, years of experience, Aaron 07732265149 07732265149 

We began life in 2012, in New Mills, three years ago we moved to Whaley Bridge, we have a lots of regular cat and dog clients in New Mills, Whaley Bridge, Furness Vale, Hayfield, and more High Peak areas. We offer  fully insured, established pet care services.

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