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So as ever I am a busy bee, we have had one or two dogs leave since end of last year, but i am unsure if we have any vacancies for new clients, depends on the location and the dog, i guess. The two main services we offer are dog walking and cat sitting. LHH also does puppy visits, small pet visits, however with puppy visits i would be pressed to fit that into my schedule these days, being a one man band. Things like toilet visits, daycare, dog walking at the weekend, i only offer to my 16807140_1507313632636680_8014416201226553850_nactual current clients, as a way of helping the out them they need ,e, as Little Happy Hounds, has no employees, we are not some huge business, I am always in the danger of spreading myself to thin, and some times, just sometimes i like to do things for myself, that is not just all about work ! Our pet sitting does very well, mostly cats, I look after them at peoples homes, offering one or two visits a day. Its very much a  personalised, caring, experienced service that I offer. I am have been for almost five years, a trusted key holder, I have a CRB check, although its out of date for the last year, did not see the point in paying lot of money for a new one as i am established business. Little Happy Hounds also has business insurance. The other busy, popular service we offer is dog walking. I have lots of little rules with dog walking which to be fair makes me sound really awkward and picky. However I have long term clients to think about and i want each walk they are on with me to be brilliant. So I can’t offer solo walks, i have done that in the past, its very time consuming, i don’t really enjoy taking dogs out 1-2-1, plus  the other big thing at Little Happy Hounds, is we do don’t walk dogs with behavioural problems, once again i have done that before and for me the distinction between being a dog walker and being a dog therapist is a long and wide one, all our clients are socialised, walked as part of a pack, and I work on obedience, praise based training with them when i can when we are out on our walks. The other thing is i don’t walk dogs on leads, ( obviously near roads, exiting the car etc i do use leads) , its really hard to have control of three 16700595_1494118817289495_7873154311298708223_odogs off lead while your attached to a dog on lead who can’t be let off, dogs get more exercise off leads, i keep control of them, via my voice, treats, whistle, squeaky ball, we avoid busy places, places were there are sheep or roads,  and all my dogs have recall, i understand some dogs roam more than they should and need to be walked on a lead etc sadly we can’t cater for them. My other huge rule is they must be good in the car, i hate vans, i hate cages, i spend a huge part of my working day driving, so i have a estate car of sorts, and i actively encourage a happy medium in the car, as one stressed out dog, can cause a lot of stress for everyone else, sometimes the dogs can be in the car for a long time, during the picking up and dropping off! That all being said i am also very flexible, work at short notice, reliable,  and look after all my clients, i think they all know i am their for them via email or text if they have any issues or questions at all. so all in all i am happy with the Little Happy Hounds.  Little Happy Hounds, dog walker, cat sitting, puppy visits, pet care services established in 2012. Based in Whaley Bridge, we began life back in 2012, fully insured, CRB checked and trusted key holder. Offering personalised, experienced, caring pet care. New Mills, Furness Vale, Whaley Bridge, Buxworth, Chapel-en-le-Frith, Chinley, Hayfield, Buxton High Peak.
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