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If your away on business for work, or on a family holiday, here at Little Happy Hounds we offer a kinder alternative to the cattery for your cat, Little Happy Cats. 

‘Leaving your cat in the place they feel most relaxed, their sanctuary, their home.’

We can feed your cat while you’re away, clean out their litter tray, provide fresh water, provide a stroke, a cuddle, or perhaps a brush down or anything you specifically require for your cats wellbeing.

At Little Happy Hounds we pride ourselves on being able to provide a experienced, reliable, personalised and friendly service, dog walker and cat sitting.

New Mills, Whaley Bridge, Chapel-en-le-Frith, Birch Vale, Furness Vale, Buxworth, Chinley, High Peak Derbyshire, 

We can bring your milk in, collect your post off the floor, if you need a plant or two watered, we do not mind, with no extra charge at all.

Free initial consultation, where we can find out what you specifically need for your cat,  and then you can relax knowing your cat will be lovingly taken care of  in their own home. We have many returning cat clients, we have some cat clients who have been on our books now since 2013 when the business really took off, we love caring for cats and we are always happy to here from new cat clients.  Other services include, reliable and caring dog walking, puppy visits, home visits, and small animal visits. We go on proper dog nature walks with our clients, walking in small groups, 

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