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So yesterday i was thinking about Little Happy Hounds, as a business, and the word that struck me was quality and the quality of the work i do, whether it be, the cat sitting work i do, or the dog walks i do. And its the dog walking services i provider the quality of that with its emphasis on dog nature walks and socialising. There is a numpty dog walker around here and when she sees other dogs she puts her dogs on leads instantly i mean use your brain or maybe she walks aggressive dogs who  knows. When i see other dogs, i read the situation if there dogs are off, my dogs are off, i want my dogs to mingle with other socialised creatures.

So i thought it would be good to look at yesterdays walks, i did three walks, and i made sure all my dogs, spent time in nature, exercised, socialised, were transported safely to and from home, its now summer so everyone water bowls are getting checked and topped up after each walk. 

As ever i am trying keeping walking numbers down, so every Friday morning we have the same gang in Whaley Bridge, Arthur, George, Bobbie and Bridie and nearly always have my own dog also on that walk Scrappy, and I took them to quite a busy bit of Fernilee Reservoir, Goyt Valley the Peak District, once your off the first path, its lovely and quiet in the woods, so the dogs had such a good time, 




My second walk was my lunch time lot, I have a few dogs off in New Mills, for holidays, so its not my usual Friday lunch time crowd, Milly is a Wednesday Thursday dog so this was a extra walk for her as requested, Tess a very sweet border terrier i have walked for four years, Oscar the cavapoo who has also been with us a long time since he was puppy in 2013, and i also had Scrappy my dog, as one of my clients lives close by we did Hayfield, lovely woodland walk i do often, at the top of the wood is a grassy clearing, views of Kinder Scout, dogs love it. 

Scrappy Oscar Milly

Scrappy Oscar Milly

Lastly i walk sister Amy and Ruby back in Whaley Bridge, if i am quiet or weather gross, i will condense walks and they will go on Lunch time walk, the owner is very flexible with regard to time, anyway i am trying to get fit and avoid 3 pm Friday traffic Horwich end so i go home after walk 2, drop my dog off, drop my car off, and cycle to there house other side of Whaley, i do a walk from their home, which takes me to Toddbrook Reservoir, follow the path down the side, and cross a stream into Kisshing Fields, its stunning, wooded, beautiful clean river Todd flowing threw.  All pictures are form yesterday for more pics and vid find us on Facebook link below



   Little Happy Hounds pet care, Whaley Bridge, est.2012.

  Years of experience, fully insured, services include dog walker, pet sitting, puppy visits and cat sitting High Peak. We  a established client base in New Mills, Whaley Bridge, Chinley, Hayfield, Furness Vale, Chapel-en-le-Frith, Buxton, 

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