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Decembers cats

At the moment I am pet sitting six cats over two households, Ashley Amber and Jinnie, clients since 2013, and Baz Lennie and Aggie client since 2015, I cat visit them probably three or four times each year. It feels very busy at the moment as they both get two daily visits am and pm.  Doing four cat visits a day and three one hour walks in winter is knackering. ! But anyway love looking after them all, Baz is great I think because of the weather, its been cold and snowing , he has not wanted too go out his kids Leonard and Agatha are very shy and spend  a lot of time hiding under the bed, they were all feral and rescued by their current owners ! Amber Ashley and Jennie, are the original bunch in this house, they first had Rowan and Ashely sadly Rowan died this year!  Amber and Ashley seem to alternate with being shy with me, it was my first time time meeting Jinnie and she is not keen on me, runs away when she see me, having looked after cats for five years non of this surprises me anymore, next time I look after them I will probably be her best friend. For cat sitting services we cover High Peak, Whaley Bridge, this year we took on new cat sitting clients in Chapel-en-le-Frith, New Mills and we have long standing clients in Chinley, Buxworth, Furness Vale, Birch Vale and Hayfield.


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