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The run up to Christmas 2017.

A eventful December is putting in mildly, not only am I really busy with the cats and dog walking, we have two new puppies joining us in the New Year and the High Peak has been hit by snow, a lot of snow, I am just debating on how to get to come of my cats in Buxworth, 

So one of our puppies, has landed, I have met her, she is belongs too the miniature schnauzeri walk called Arthur, she is a westie puppy last I heard she was called Pippa they have changed her name three times in her first week. She is 10 weeks old so at the moment I pick Arthur up for his dog walk she is there so I let her in the garden if she wee wee’s outside I give her some food and praise her, then sadly she has be left for an hour when I drop Arthur and someone comes back for her ta lunch time, she just has another week of this then the family in question are off for Christmas. I will see how things go I am not wanting her on walks straight away due to her age, so we might have to do a short walk for her, before my first walk or just after it which means I will have too push forward walks 2 and 3.  Not impossible, in theory your suppose too just walk puppies 5minuets at a time for every month, so if she is three months, its 15 minutes, four months twenty minutes, I am not totally a big believer in that, I think half a hour lead walks, at three months while she is learning recall and etc and I don’t see why she can’t go onto an hour walks come February we will see what happens. My other Puppy is the same suppose to be meeting him today, snow depending ! He will also be a short lead walk up to February he is just once a week so we will manage.

I have just been so busy the other thing I am in the middle of is Christmas cards, present wrapping. I sent my cat sitting clients a Christmas card, too thank them for all their custom, and this year I got all my regular dog walking clients a little present, last year I hand baked dog biscuits and even though all my clients wolfed them down, I was not getting a WOW feeling from my clients, so I have cut back on xmas card expense, last year I had personalised cards made cost a fortune and instead spent more on a presents each ! I don’t have to do that but I appreciate all my dogs, and I really feel in someway at Little Happy Hounds we are all friends its more than just a business, its Christmas and I love giving. It is a mammoth task, Christmas cards for family, dog walking and cat sitting clients, presents  buying wrapping for family and clients, I am hoping to get it all done between now and tomorrow ! Wish me luck.

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