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Aaron Little Happy Hounds. EST 2012

By 2012 I had had enough of my career ( of sorts) I had thought about dog walking as a business since 2010, however it took two more years, before I finally decided to give it a go. 

My first clients, Jake, ( puppy visit) Lucy ( daycare) and Todd and Ricky ( dog home boarders) were the only clients I had for months and months. It was tough to get your foot on the ladder, it takes time to build a reputation. 

recent pic of some of my hounds & I

recent pic of some of my hounds & I

As the years have rolled on by the business has changed greatly, I no longer home board or offer daycare, this was due to the size of our last house…Little Happy Hounds ( in its present form) offers dog “nature” walks, cat sitting and puppy visits, other changes occured last year when we moved from New Mills to Whaley Bridge and I was also only able to cover High Peak, it was a very very sad day when we had to say good bye to Lucy the black lab in Marple, having been with me since day one she had of course grown up for two years on daily walks with my dog, but the distance from Whaley Bridge to Marple was too far, and I had to make a tough decision in order to keep my business small and therefore personalised, we had to say bye to Lucy with six weeks notice.

However somethings I have adhered too, I have kept Little Happy Hounds small and local, I have strived to improve myself as a pet carer, training courses etc, I make sure all my dogs, stay safe on walks, have fun, time spent off leads, time ti explore and roam, sniff and explore in exciting terrains. I also make sure I have towelled all my clients down after each walk. I am also very big on being available at short notice for my clients, contactable and flexible, and I hope this has been demonstrated time and time again with my clients.

Little Happy Hounds, still is operated by just myself, with help from my little dog  Scrappy Doo, we have clients in Whaley Bridge, Chinley, New Mills, Buxworth, Hayfield, Buxton, Furness Vale and Chapel-en-le-Frith.

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