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Little Happy Cats 2015

When I first started my business up in 2012, I possibly had the worse brain freeze when it came to a name for it, and eventually when I did go through a long process that brought me to the name ‘Little Happy Hounds’ i did not think about the cat sitting side of the business or small animals for example. Hence my creation of my blog Little Happy Cats.

As well as cats, Our pet sitting services cover the care of Rabbits, hamsters, guinea pigs, fish and chickens.



This is a very busy time for me as a pet sitter, I have three cats at the moment over the easter break then next week I have three more. I think the term cat sitting is a bit misleading for the what the job actually consists of, I think cat visits or cat feeding is a better name.

So initially I meet all new clients, dog walking, puppy visits and cat clients at their homes, a meet and greet if you like, this is no obligation and is completely free. This is a good time to ask me any questions you may have and sort out keys etc and of course ( if they are not shy) meet your cat.

Over the last few years I have offered this services as a personalised service, and encouraged new clients to write on the back of the consent form if there is anything in particular they require, a plant watered, curtains drawn, open, lights switched on and off.

Things you do not really need to tell me are too empty bins, out, wash cat dishes, clean dinner mats, wash benches down, generally clean up after myself, thats autopilot for myself.

I do not charge any extra for these little extras, the only time I will charge more is for bank holidays.

Little Happy Hounds has personal liability insurance with pet plan, I also have a CRB check, and with some of my dog walking clients I have been a trusted ‘key holder’ for almost three years.

Established in 2012, in New Mills High Peak, we are now based in Whaley Bridge Derbyshire. Covering Whaley, New Mills, Furness Vale, Chinley, Kettleshulme, Buxworth, and more.

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