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considering getting a puppy ?

Considering getting a puppy here are some things to consider?

Firstly are you sure  a young puppy who needs a lot of care is right for you, or perhaps you could get a slightly older rescue dog and miss out the chewing, toilet training bit? 

A young puppy at four weeks, will need feeding three to four times a day. 

Toilet training needs to consistent so your puppy will need a lot of your time, their bladders do not get stronger until they are 3 months old.

Cost, not just the cost of feeding your puppy think about extra costs, puppy training, vets bills, a dog walker and care when your not around, a dog groomer, depending on the breed you choose grooming could be as frequent as every six weeks.

Diet, its important to get your dogs diet correct, this means you may have to do a lot of research. Brands from supermarkets contain to much cereal, which is not good for dogs, foods should be high in meat content, vegetable, fruits and rice. Applaws dog food and Lily’s kitchen are very good choices, Bakers complete are very bad for dogs.

Exercise, different breeds, need different exercise. If a dog does not get enough exercise they will become destructive, hyperactive, obese. This means a early morning walk, before you set off for work even in the depths of winter, and when you get home tired from work another walk.  Huskies for example need a lot of exercise, smaller breeds, two possibly three walks a day.

Time, if your out all day is a young puppy right for you, a young puppy at first should not be left alone for more than a few hours at a time, and this time alone can be built up to four hours alone at anyone time. 

Socialising, any good dog walker will know a puppy needs to socialising gradually with everything, from having their paws handled, to noise of traffic, other dogs the list is endless.

We recommend as a first book you read Gwen Bailey the perfect puppy

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Stockport academy for dogs.

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Little Happy Hounds, your local established cat sitting & dog walking service, New Mills & Whaley Bridge High Peak. 

We are currently based in New Mills and cover all surrounding areas, Whaley, Chinley, Chapel en le Frith, Hayfield and more.

Services include pet sitting, cat sitting, puppy visits, and dog walker.


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