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top tips for NYE

New Year’s Eve Safety Tips

Keep Your Dog Away from the Door

The excitement of having guests arrive may overwhelm your pet. If he isn’t already trained not to charge the door, it may be wisest to close or gate him in another room until all of your guests have arrived. That way he won’t be able to bolt out the door and possibly become lost.

Keep Alcohol Out of Your Dog’s Reach

It’s all too easy for most dogs to take a drink out of a glass if a guest sits a drink on a low table. Remind your guests about your dog, and point out higher places where they can rest their glasses well out of Fido’s reach.

Place Decorations High

Party poppers, streamers, balloons and other traditional New Year’s eve decorations can all become choking hazards if your dog gets hold of them. Place your decorations high, and sweep up any confetti before you dog has a chance to eat it.

Keep Your Dog Inside

It’s traditional to go outside at midnight and ring in the new year by making a lot of noise or even setting off fireworks. Even the calmest dog can be stressed by all the racket, so plan to keep your dog inside until things calm down again.

Common Sense Saves the Day

There’s no need to go to extremes to keep your dog safe on New Year’s Eve. Just take a few common sense measures to protect your pet so you can start out the new year together on a good note.

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