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the wonderful invention of Kongs

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Little Happy Hounds we love the kong range for toys and entertainment for doggies.

were would i be without Kongs? I use a kong tennis ball to entertain dog sitting guests, if I ever leave my dog alone I use a red kong classic to distract my dog, filling it full of treats maybe a small bit of cheese, packing it tight so it lasts longer.

I also use it for my doggy daycare client Lucy the lab, she throws her kong at the tiled floor to release its goodness so i have to pack it extra tight, sometimes using a small rawhide bone to hold the treats & dry food in the kong for longer.

As well as being highly entertaining for dogs they are also long lasting, when scrappy was a puppy he had a small puppy kong and a puppy kong wubba.

Stuffing a puppy kong with a few puppy treats, maybe milk bones, and then a bit of wet food freezing it provides an excellent thing for your puppy to chew especially when they are teething.

We have also have the excellent kong wobbler, huge plastic thing and you put treats in it and your dog whacks it with his paw until the treats fall out think weeble wobble but for dogs, it is highly noisy on a wooden floor so he only plays with that in the garden.

The range is impressive from small squeaking tennis balls for Chihuahuas to a kong air which is brilliant for throwing in the garden for your dogs! I find has the best range at the best prices but make sure you shop around via google product search UK.

kong air range

kong air range


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