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Little Happy Hounds Services Dog Walking

Little Happy Hounds New Mills,  professional, friendly experienced pet care services ! serving High Peak & Stockport…

pet sitting, dog walker , Cat feeding, dog walking,  dog sitting, dog home boarding and much more , Poynton, Hazel  Grove, Bramhall, Romiley, Strines,  Disley, Whaley Bridge, Marple and New Mills Chapel-en-le-Frith , understand the need for walking as part of your dog’s daily routine. And if your out at work Monday to Friday, a dog/work balance can prove tricky which is why we are here to help.

 A good walk each day is important for your dog, it helps manage any hyperactivity and it helps with your dogs health, like managing their weight for example. Plus time socialising with other dogs are very important factor in your dogs wellbeing.

Dog Walks £9.00 per hour.

To wet your appetite and get your dogs tail wagging, here is a list of our favourite dog walks, in the Stockport, Cheshire East, High Peak areas.


Lyme Park Estate Disley,

Great for our one hour walk clients as you can drive into the centre of the park, as you can park outside of the park and do a massive loop of the entire estate taking in the various terrains woodland, moorland and plenty of dogs to socialise with, but also a great place for getting away from the Crowd.


Goytside Meadows and Torrs Riverside Park New Mills.

A walk near our base, my home, excellent enclosed meadow, nice and quiet in the earlier afternoon and lots of nice local dogs out in the later afternoon. You can do a 3 mile loop, along the canal around into Hague Bar Meadows, then Mousley Bottom, into the Torrs and you then walk through  the Torrs past Goytside Farm back in Goytside meadows.


Fernilee and Errwood Reservoir Goyt Valley.

Many paths, and many happy dog walks I have had  here, so many options about which way you can go, park and do your walk, just a lovely scenic great place sandwiched between Buxton and Whaley Bridge.


Marple Brabyn’s Park.

 Nice woodland off the side of the canal, can include Memorial Park, if you cross over the road.


Higher Disley, Black Rocks Moorside Grange.

Lots of choices what to do here, parking a long Mudhurst Lane, visiting Lyme Park or clambering over the ridge of Black Rocks.


Hayfield Reservoir Road.

Not my first  choice as there are so many sheep around so not much opportunity to let your dog off the lead to  run freely ! If we do do Hayfield we do the woods  behind the campsite walk through a couple of the small hamlets dotted around but it is mostly a family walk we do at the weekend.


Peak Forest Canal New Mills Wharf.

The canal from New Mills Wharf gives you lots of choice, in one direction it leads you to Buxworth and Whaley Bridge and the tow path is in good condition having recently been resurfaced.

The other way leads you to Disley, a good way to walk into Lyme Park and carry on down the canal eventually you will reach Marple. I find canal walk is fine with two dogs any more could be problematic, as  lot of cyclists are yet to discover bells, so their prior warning that they are approaching you, is their whisper in your ear , which does not give you much time to get your dogs tucked in and sat down!


Sett Valley Trail, Birch Vale Lantern Pike and Hayfield.

The trail in the midweek afternoon in winter is quiet and perfect to take doggies , you can enter the trail at Thornsett and there are nice meadows and woodland along the trail, or you can branch off and go hiking up Lantern Pike, which means having the dog on leads most the way. On Lantern Pike its self there are never sheep so they can romp freely in the heather off the lead!

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