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Busy Thursday for Little Happy Hounds.

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Yesterday we began our day with a dog walk over in Glossop, walking one of our favourite clients Barney. So we drove up Monks road, and parked up and had a lovely snow filled walk on Cowan Edge.  Barney loved it up there, we did not see any pesky sheep getting in the way so Barney and Scrappy were able to stomp around off the lead being very happy doggies the ridge was covered in snow.

After a small detour to Pets at home Glossop I dropped Barney at home and heading home back to new mills, cleaned up my doggy Scrappy give him his breakfast had a cup of tea then I was back in my car driving over to Chinley, a pay a puppy visit to Ffin a young collie puppy, I visit twice a week.

Ffin cuddle time!

Ffin cuddle time!

Cuddles, a wee wee incident, a shoe attacking incident, more cuddles, some dinner, tug of war and she eliminated twice in the correct place ( the garden) over an hour later I am back in the car, heading down the A6 to Marple, driving painfully slow threw Disley and High Lane a lot of traffic about, I arrived at my third and final clients house the handsome Sprolo the sproodle puppy from Marple.

Sprolo was surprised but happy to see me appear in his kitchen, I put him scrappies car safety cage and we drove back to New Mills dropped my car in for its MOT and I walked in New Mills with Sprolo to buy some Easter cards, he got a lot of attention and it seemed to take us a long time to get home.

SCraps and barns

SCraps and barns

Once home I was back out again this time taking Scrappy and Sprolo for a walk with my friend Jojo and her doggies Daisy a westie and Lupo a Jack Russell, Sprolo amazed us both as for a dog so young he is so so good off the lead so escape routines he stayed by my feet and came back as soon as i called him, once home he had a nap and before long his mummy and daddy came to take him home

Aaron ( little happy hounds) !

Our dog walker

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