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A busy week for Little Happy Hounds Home Boarding


Our dog home boarding is available in New Mills High Peak , juts off the A6 easy to get too from all Stockport and Derbyshire areas!

After a rather busy week for Little Happy Hounds I thought it would be good to look back at the week in which I have looked after five dogs at various times.

I have had home boarders for a week and for just one evening and I started caring for Lucy again after the Xmas break.

The day after Boxing Day I had two home boarders, Penny a two year old Puggle and her sister Zuki a 13 week old Shiba Inu from Denton in Manchester.

The girls were fine, was lovely having a puppy hear, watching them play and run around.

Both very different dogs, Penny was more about the cuddling and Zuki more about chewing so I got lots of rawhide and toys to keep them occupied.

It had been while since I had had dogs hear for an entire week, and once they left I was sad! They had had their moments but all in all especially the last two days they were very settled here.

As the puppy Zuki could not go on walks and Penny is not a fan of walks either, we just played in the garden, I rolled a ball up the path for them and Zuki took to climbing in and out of my plant pots.

New Years Eve I had Ricky from Disley come and stay for the evening and with my dog we had four doggies in all plus two friends for dinner, which was very hectic, all dogs were well behaved and everybody got a long just fine, and surprisingly non of dogs got upset when the fireworks went off at midnight.

Ricky Also has his own blog, should you want to keep up with him and his adventures!

New Years Day took Scrappy and Ricky for a walk around a muddy field and they had great fun chasing the Frisbee.

Day after I begin my doggy daycare duties again for Lucy after the Christmas break. I brought her back to New Mills, I had planned a hike up to Chinley Churn but once we got into the Goytside Meadows, Lucy and Scrappy started running around like crazy after two beagles we know and I decided they had worn each other out so we juts did a New Mills walk and came back to the house were Scrappy met Zuki and Penny.

Thursday I picked Lucy up from Marple Stockport and went on a dog walk up to Lantern Pike  via Sett Valley Trail and took Scrappy and Lucy up to the top Lantern Pike and back down again and we walked back to New Mills, Friday we spent four hours walking around Lyme Park Estate, it was very busy and Lucy and Scrappy met lots and lots of dogs.

Dropped Lucy off at home and so my quiet weekend begins.

Lucy, Zuki, and Penny

Scrappy and Ricky !

cuddles with Penny


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