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top tip for house breaking your puppy!

sleeping puppy

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Puppies have weak bladders for the first three months of their lives, I have been wee’d on having scrappy on my lap when he was a puppy!

If your fortunate enough to have wooden floors through out your home its easier to clean it up and deter them from repeating the accident again. When your puppy has an accident that is not on the ‘puppy training pad’ or near the back door, so on the living room floor for example , clean it up with Vinegar.

No point in buying expensive things to deter your puppy, vinegar kills the smell and stops them going for a wee wee in the same place again, when I discovered this, house breaking my pup became much much quicker.

Also another tip ┬áif the weather is nice keep puppy training pad’s outside in your garden and your back door open, that way your encouraging them to do their business outside.

Always remember time is very important so as soon as your puppy eliminates in the correct area, i:e outside in the garden, reward them quickly (other wise they wont link the two) with lots of praise and a treat using key words, like well done, well done wee wee outside!

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