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Dog Walker, Pet care,  puppy visits, cat sitting and so much available in Disley Cheshire East.

Most mornings after I pick Lucy up from Marple we stop at Lyme Park Disley for our morning walk. The park is so dog friendly, and its  big enough that you can quite easily get away from the crowds in peak season.

Disley Village is not far from New Mills and is great place for long dog walks, we often head up to Higher Disley and  over to Black Rocks behind the Moorside Grange off mudhurst lane. As well as the canal Disley is also home to beautiful and huge, Lyme Park estate.

Lyme Park also use to have its very own breed of dog, The lyme Park Mastiff, which with the end of WWI the family let die out.

Once you get past the A6 (which rips through the centre of the village) Disley has some nice areas to it and like New Mills it is brilliant for dog walkers, with lots fields, footpaths and of course Lyme Park. The village still feels rural and quaint, even though it has a huge over spill new build estate behind the centre that is tucked away.

The one thing Disley does seem to have a lot of are pubs, The Crescent, The White Horse, The Dandy Cock, The Mouse Trap, The Plough Boy and the very dog friendly White Lion on A6 outside of Disley on the way to New Mills, which has a actual dog room.

Drinking aside Disley also has a  Italian restaurant, bakers, florist and a deli. My favorite part of Disley is heading up Buxton Old Road, towards higher Disley, there are lots of nice paths and lanes on both sides of the road. Corks lane, which eventually leads onto Grenshall Lane and on the other side of Buxton Old Road Gritstone Trail, which leads you into the Lyme Park estate.

Lucy must think she is heaven every time we go to Lyme Park, as we always see lot of black labs, and I am more convinced dogs can recognise when another dog is the same breed.

Scrappy is also a huge Lyme Park fan he loves the hill were the cage sits on top. We  often head over to Paddock Ridge, which is a favorite with local dog walkers, so there is always a lot of socializing to be done, then we walk over to Lantern Wood. We always have a little sit on the steps outside the lantern, Lucy and Scrappy have a treat then we do a big loop around the whole of lantern wood before heading back the same way we came.

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