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A day in Doggy Day Care New Mills

A typical busy but fun day at doggy day care.

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Stockport and High Peak.

Based in New Mills High Peak, just off the A6, very  easy to find and very accessible, if  your coming from Buxton and Whaley Bridge,  Chinley, Chapel-en-le-Frith, Hayfield or  if your coming the other way from Disley, High Lane, Bredbury and Marple, Romiley.

For me Doggy Day Care means, fun, company and exercise, for the dogs that I look after. I want to keep them happy, healthy and content, so I make sure I have lots of toys and chews, that i take them out and get them running around and socialising, but also that they get lots of human contact, cuddles, praise, and play time.

A typical day at Doggy Day Care begins with me picking up Lucy the lab from Marple, then we often have a morning dog walk in Lyme Park Disley.

Today however I have Todd the Chorkie puppy at my house, from the night before, so a smaller walk in the Goytside Meadows  next door to my home is more appropriate. Lucy loves the meadows, she often chases birds and has a paddle in the many pools that have formed in the lower meadow due to the wet weather.

After taking Lucy and Scrappy out, we then head back to the house, I  clean up the doggies, and then its time for some breakfast.

Todd being a chorkie and still only 13 weeks can not really go outside for to long, as he gets cold he generally pops into the back garden and spends the rest of his time  alternating between playing and sleeping.

Lucy loves her toys, kong’s, her treats and raw hide, just like my dog Scrappy.

Since I can not leave  Todd for long periods, Scrappy and Lucy have several little walks instead until 2pm . Then we all get in the car to take Todd back  home in Woodley Stockport.

Then on the way back to New Mills we stop off at Brabyns Park Marple, and the dogs have a nice time exploring the woods and the canal. Scrappy and Lucy say hello to lots of nice doggies, it gets dark very quickly and colder as the afternoon progresses.

Back in New Mills its time to clean the doggies up, I light a fire and Scrappy and Lucy decide its nap time, after sharing a gravy bone, then I feel awful as a storm is brewing outside, and I have wake poor Lucy up from her sleep on the sofa infront of the roaring fire, and take her into the cold weather outside and then into the cold car to take her home, I turn the car heater right up and play her some soft Carpenters music, all the way back to Marple, she must of enjoyed the journey, as it took a treat and some serious convincing to get her out of the back of my car and safely back in her house.

Once I get home I have a quick tidy up, putting dog toys away etc then its time to make tea, make Scrappy’s tea and then its time to plan out all the lovely dog walks, I can go on over the weekend and the coming week.

Planning walks in Fernilee, Marples Roman Lakes and of course Lyme Park in Disley.


Todd at my house enjoying some playtime

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